Transrapid Munich, Germany
Kotas design studio, 2009

Connection of Center of Munich (central station) with Josef Strauss airport using high-speed magnetic train. The planned route is approximately 38 kilometers long, one way is to last 10 minutes. Maximum speed on the track will be 350km/h, the speed of 300km/h Transrapid achieved during the first five kilometers. The frequency of the connection is considered every 10 minutes.

Acceleration and deceleration run smoothly, it is therefore not necessary to belt up of passengers. During braking, the energy recovery. The technology is completely automated and run their own sets. Their coordination is carried out by using a radio transmission. In each train, there is a person performing surveillance, but rather from the psychological point of view. The front parts of the train are without the control centers.There are situated lounges with panoramic view. The entire train is longitudinally optically interconnected with transparent glass walls. In each section of the train there are located places for luggage. It´s planned, that it will be part of luggage checked-in railway station. For this purpose, there is located in one of the sections a separate space. The roof of the train, except the location of air conditioning units, is free. This allows to use of roof windows and achieve lighter impression of the interior. It is anticipate with the placement of the information system above passenger seats, which would show e.g. next connections from central station.

External appearance of the train has induced a feeling of speed. Compared to currently used Transrapid look (such as in Shanghai) is the peak moore thicker and longer. This was achieved through edges in its lower part. This will allow the connection to the parts, in which there are located the levitation and propulsion technologies. Lights are designed as a diode-led, integrated with white and red diodes.