Restaurant and pub house
Prague - Holešovice
Bočan & Koňata & Hladík design studio, 2007

Multifunctional public building is situated in the former industry quarter called Holešovice. Nearby there is the late cargo harbour and slaughterhouse. After the flood in 2002, it was decided to transform the whole area to the living, work and free time district.

The building itself lays on the riverside, next to the planed multiple dwelling houses. The site is located north of the river. There is no embankment, just access to the water. The building is determined to be used for two restaurants and one two-storey coffee lounge. Both restaurants could be visited by one hundred and fifty attendants and coffee by fifty items. The eastern part is reduced to the narrow point. The main glassed facade is orientated to the south to the river. The structure lies in the tidal land, so the ground floor is raised on mighty steel square crosscut columns. On the north and west site, there are flat units, so the north and west facades are either closed, or on this facade there are situated processes spaces like kitchen or staircases for stuff. For this reason, the noise troubling of the inhabitants is reduced to minimum.

The plan of the building is too small and impractical, so that is why the underground car-park overlaps the original plan of structure toward the river. There is possible to park there thirty cars, included three places for handicapped people. The access to the garage is from the west, descending parallel with the north facade of the building. It is hidden by inclined facade and it has the rectangular shape.

The access for the pedestrian is possible along the ramp ascendant from the west on the south facade, or on caracol with the elevator situated in the centre of the staircase. The staircase is going from the garage and follows the whole height of the structure. By this elevator or staircase it is possible to reach two storeys atrium in the centre of the plan. From that is access to restaurants or coffee. On the first floor, there are the entrances to the fish restaurant and coffee, from the second one, there is the entrance to the club. The connection between the lift with stairway and the club is provided by foot-bridge across the free space. In front of the glassed facade, there is suspended steel net, that shade the interior and unify the south and west facade.