U + A / DD, 2009-2010
(Urban + Architectural design and development)

Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Architecture
Göteborg, Sweden

Tutors: Ana Betancour,
Carl-Johan Vesterlund, Maria Norman, Mateusz Pozar

Module 01:

Task: Gather and collect information on a specific issue, looking at certain aspects relevant to the case study. Research, , study and edit the information into images, diagrams, drawings and text.

Theme: Water as a resource

Fields of study: Wind energy, wave energy, algae, mussels


Aim: To explore spatial tectonic strategies.

Module 03:

Rethinking Göteborg: Cartographies / Research / Database

Theme: Industrial edge - Volvo

Aim: The aim here is to develop an understanding of the industrial production of Göteborg. Which are the important industrial actors? How are they organised? What are the flows of goods and material. How has the industry of Göteborg developed through the years? What are their future plans?

Module 04:

Urban scenarios / Programming / Interventions

Locality: Göteborgs industrial edge, along the waterfront

Aim: The aim is to produce an urban plan for the water edges of Gothenburg. To make strategies for specific areas, sections of the city. To make proposals / interventions: architectural, landscape and/or infrastructural propositions departing from site, context, area of interest and previous research.

Scenario: What happen if the edges of the riverbank could become a productive and recreational landscape? Alowing for the redevelopment of the production system into green manufacturing? How can the proposition and programmes enhance local identity and culture?