Competition entry: Game is not over
Architectural competitions course, 2010
Chalmers University of Technology
Course leaders: Gert Wingardh, Sten Gromark

Collaboration: Eva Sklenickova

The Childrens house which we were supposed to design is taking place on the triangular site close to the Kapellplatsen in Göteborg. The site is quite problematic. It has very narrow shape, there is the busy road and block of flats just next to the site. Kapellplatsen doesn’t really look like a square. It is more a spare place.

We started with these issues. We have tried to make some kind of emphasis, to enhance and improve the quality of the space. We have made dominant at the corner. The building should bring a new life to this square. Another problem is the closeness of the block of flats. We did not want to attack people living in there. Our solution is both not to built so high structure and deflexion of facades. We have took the space above the road instead of the space in front of windows. This solution makes the mass of the building more diversified, we hope.

What should the Children’s house offer? We can say common airy spaces and interconnections on one side and separation of different activities on the other side. Our building is divided into four elevated and mutually displaced cubes. This solution should provide suitable conditions for all of the various activities. The cubes are occupied by different activities and spaces in between makes buffer and common zone.

The big theatre/concert hall is equipped by windows, which can be covered by sliding shutters. This solution should link the building with the square and make some possibilities to use the theatre as the rehearsal room during daytime, too.

Cinemas do not have normal seats. There is proposed only incline with different landings and big pillows for sitting.